3 Great Ways to Earn a Total of $100

Earn $25 with FT Pay & a new FT Checking account

    • Download FT Pay & link any debit or credit card to the app
    • Make payments with FT Pay at thousands of LevelUp merchants
    • First Trade will match any merchant loyalty credits you receive and store them for you in the FT Pay “Vault”
    • Savings will be matched & stored in the Vault up to $25
    • When you’re ready to get your bonus, simply open a new FT Checking account and add your new debit card to FT Pay
    • We’ll then deposit the amount of money stored in your Vault to your FT Checking account! You can expect to see that bonus in 5-10 days.

Earn $25 with FT Pay "Vault" Savings Match

    • To receive this bonus, you’ll need to have both an FT Checking and savings account linked to your First Trade debit card
    • Visit the “Vault” in your FT Pay app and set the savings slider to send a percentage of the loyalty credits you receive at LevelUp merchant locations to your FT savings account
    • Make purchases using FT Pay linked to your FT debit card.  When you receive a credit from a LevelUp location, the percentage you selected in the “Vault” will automatically be sent to your FT savings account.
    • First Trade will match the first $25 in savings and deposit them into your savings account!

Here is a simple example:

    • You visit a LevelUp business and are looking to make a $10.00 purchase.  That LevelUp business happens to be offering a $1.00 discount if you pay with the FT Pay app.
    • You make the purchase with your First Trade debit card linked in FT Pay and set the percentage slider in the app’s “Vault” to 100%.
    • Your debit card and checking account will be charged the full $10.00, with $9.00 being paid to the business and $1.00 being sent to your savings account automatically.
    • First Trade will match that $1.00 and deposit in your savings account!  We’ll match this way all the way to $25!

Earn $50 with Direct Deposit

    • Set up a recurring direct deposit to your FT Checking of $100.00 or more, and you’ll receive a bonus of $10.00 per month for up to 5 months!

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