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Government Deposit Services

Our comprehensive platform provides detailed information that allows you to simplify the collections process and optimize your cash flow.

Deposit Service Information
Remote Deposit Capture
  • Allows for quick and easy deposits into your Business First Checking account
  • Using a desktop scanner provided by First Trade, you are able to electronically process deposits from one or more office locations
  • Provides the ability to standardize deposit activity and consolidate banking relationships
  • Manage your own internal security on transactions by setting up access levels for your employees
  • Saves time and money!
eCapture2 Remittance Processing
  • Streamline receivable operations by combining check and electronic remittance capture information through the use of a desktop scanner and image technology
  • The capture of check payments and remittances results in faster, more accurate receivable processing
  • Reduces data storage and delivery costs
  • Accelerates the cash collection process, which can be critical at various times throughout the year
  • Allows secure access to remittance, checks and related correspondence online
  • This service is an additional component of Remote Deposit Capture
ePayment Solution
  • Collect one-time and recurring payments electronically via credit card, debit card or electronic checks
  • Payments can be accepted through a secure website, over the telephone and/or in-person
  • Low-cost service is easy to implement
  • Receive proceeds faster than through the traditional deposit process
  • Obtain real-time reports for better tracking and monitoring
  • Improve client satisfaction by providing convenient, expanded payment options 24/7
Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs)
  • Efficiently consolidate account balances into a master account to meet daily needs
  • Checks are written, disbursements are made and the net balance is transferred from a concentration account
  • Reduces time by transferring funds from multiple accounts into a concentration account
  • Allows clients to establish multiple accounts for specific use and easily consolidate all balances 
  • Ensures that funds do not stand idle in multiple accounts, eliminating the need to initiate account transfers
  • Provides centralized, single account control and the ability to view all daily activity
Merchant Services
  • Tap into the power of accepting the most widely-used electronic payment options for your customers
  • Reduces the need to maintain credit accounts and manage collections, helping you save money, control cash flow and improve customer service
  • Benefit from Automated Clearing House (ACH) settlement within 48 hours of the sale


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